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Bright SchoolKitz® makes back-to-school a snap!

The best choice for your back-to-school supply kits is Bright SchoolKitz®. Don't stress about finding hard-to-find supplies like orange prong folders or brands you have never heard of on messy, out-of-stock retailer shelves. Don't pay for a pack of twelve  markers when you only need two. With Bright SchoolKitz®, simply click a few buttons to order your school supply packs and relax. We've got this for you!

Not apart of our program yet? No problem, pass our information on to your PTO/PTA member or even your school principal, and we can get your school signed up!

Great Value

Great Value!

We are competitively priced with any local retailer and you avoid the hassle of driving store to store. We are typically cheaper than the most popular online retailers but with the benefit of receiving all the supplies in one box!



Avoid the hassle of shopping store to store for that elusive supply. Our school supply kits are delivered directly to the school or home before the first day so kids will be ready with the right supplies.

Saves Time

Saves Time!

Save your time for summer vacations, walking the dog, taking a hike, and being with the people you love. Let us do the school supply shopping for you with a convenient prepackaged school supply kit.

Matches Your Teacher's List

Matches Your Teacher's List!

Our school supply kits match your teacher's list. We work with your child's school to get the finalized teachers' supply lists and fill your prepackaged school supply packs will brand name and quality supplies.


Ordering Kits Is As EASY As
Pick, Click & Kick

Pick a Kit!
Pick a Kit!

Choosing your school supply kit is fast and easy!

Click on the "Order Kits" tab and search for your school.  Pick the kit in the grade your child will be in next year.



Click to Order!
Click to Order!

After you have picked your kit, fill in your child's names and a few other details.  Then simply order and pay for your child's school kit with a click of a few buttons.  



Kick Back & Relax!
Kick Back & Relax!

Kick back and enjoy the summer.  Bright SchoolKitz® will be delivered directly to the school or home so you don't need to pick up anything. Your child will be prepared with the right school supplies on the first day of school!

Would you like to make the back-to-school process easy for a needy child?

While you are ordering your school kit, you will have the opportunity to donate money towards school supply kits for families who struggle with buying school supplies.  Bright SchoolKitz® will match your donation and send extra supplies to your school.