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Why should we offer pre-packaged school kits to parents?

Many schools offer this service for 3 main reasons:

  • To save parents time and money. These school supply kits are usually cheaper than if the parents purchase all the items on the supply list on their own. Plus, it usually takes an hour or 2 to accomplish this task. We had parents who told us that sometimes they had to go to several stores to get everything on the list.
  • Teachers get the exact items they want. When parents buy from us, we send you the exact items as requested. For example, the teachers may want Expo dry erase markers, but these markers are very expensive in the store, and the parents may end up buying generic brand.
  • The parent organization can use this as a fundraiser. Since our school kits typically cost less than purchasing all the items in the store, the parent organization can add dollars to each school supply kit as a fundraiser.