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Sign Up Now For School Supplies Kits! Lock Prices & Secure Supplies.

It's never too early to sign up with Bright SchoolKitz for customized school supply kits, especially this year.  Rising prices and product shortages could make finding school supplies late in the summer a nightmare.  When you sign up with us early and get your finalized supply list to us, you not only lock in your pricing for spring and summer school supply kits, but you give us the ability to source supplies early - beating the summer rush!  You will be the hero of your school for saving parents so much trouble when it comes to school supplies.  School supply prices continue to skyrocket this year and inflation isn't in control. Rising costs have made buying school supply packs such a challenge. In addition, while we are unlikely to see apocalyptic shortages, there is still a lot of pressure on supply chains. 

School Supply KitThe rapidly declining paper market as a result of falling demand for newsprint, magazines and office paper, is leading to mill closures making paper products costs go up. In addition, in China, the shipping cost has increased by about 360% last year, which has severely affected the companies that rely on moving goods. Increased shipping demand and container shortage have made shipping from China and other countries very expensive.  

Moreover, many workers are required to stay home and quarantine for multiple days if they have or are exposed to COVID. It does not matter if they are vaccinated and/or test negative. Some workplaces will allow “exposed” employees to return to work earlier, but they must wear a mask and remain six feet away from their coworkers and customers making efficiency difficult. Around 40% of the nation’s imports arrive at California ports. If one worker is exposed to someone who contracted coronavirus, entire businesses could shut down. Social distancing in a warehouse or shipping yard can be nearly impossible, diminishing the ability to import/export.

With 6% inflation in apparel, consumers should anticipate paying anywhere from 10% to 15% more compared to last year. Also, retailers will reduce discounts and school stores have narrowed their assortments to elementary kids to minimize their risk of products not selling. Consumers will have less choice, and some may not be able to get exactly what they want, especially towards the end of the back-to-school season. It is probable some school supplies will be hard to find or sold out. 

Did you know that according to statistics, 76% of back-to-school shoppers are still waiting on school supply lists in July? Bright SchoolKitz, recommends you get the supply lists as soon as possible, so we can make sure to get your prepackaged school supplies ready and at the best price.  What are you waiting for? Let’s get your school supplies kit program started!