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Where did time go? You're starting Kindergarten soon.

The time is slowly approaching, your little one will be starting kindergarten soon.  When you realize that your child has evolved into a five year old and is somehow no longer your little toddler. You can’t believe it! Where did the time go? How do you feel?

This can be exciting because of the huge milestone for both the parent’s and child’s lives.  First day of school pictures of your child with the kindergarten smile, in their new clothes, backpack and lunch box in hand ready to head in with the other students and happy kindergarten teacher as you wave goodbye. But is it nerve-racking?! What if your child doesn’t like school or if they didn’t make any friends? What if they didn’t like their teacher? Did they have fun? You will need to console them and hope they will want to go back tomorrow. How do you make it perfect for your kindergarten student? Are you cool, calm and collected? You havepreschool kids small done everything you can to prepare, and it may have taken lots of effort, but it’s going to pay off. You have done everything you can to get them to this point, and now it’s up to them for the next few hours. You are resting easy knowing you set them up for success.

For most parents, there are many stressors getting their child ready to start school. So much to organize. So much to do.

At Bright SchoolKitz, we are your one-stop shop to customize school supply kits for your upcoming kindergarten student.  The school’s administration or PTO/PTA will gather the teachers' supply lists and Bright SchoolKitz will do the rest! The kindergarten school supply kits are created with the matching contents of the teacher’s list and then made readily available for you to purchase online. Your school’s admin or PTO/PTA member will decide whether to have the kits delivered to the school or directly to your home.  Here we like to allow our kindergarten parents to place their orders early, before other grades, ensuring you have everything you need for that special first-day-of-school experience.  

When you attend your next PTO/PTA meeting or visit your school, mention how Bright SchoolKitz could be a benefit to you and the community. Tell them how you feel your child and all the other students could be prepared every year at school, just by purchasing a customized school supply kit with Bright SchoolKitz.

So instead of the stress of getting prepared for one of the most important days in your and  child’s life, allow us to make it easy.  You will be free to enjoy your summer with your child and that is a priceless moment.

Are you ready to have your school sign up with Bright SchoolKitz? See if your school is already set up with the Bright SchoolKitz program or sign up to have your school begin the program here.

Visit Bright SchoolKitz Now! Our representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8pm-5pm EST or you can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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