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Ways to Reduce the Price of your School Supply Kit

Ways to Reduce the Price of your School Supply Kit

When it's time for teachers to send out their school supply lists, have you ever considered creating your own Prepackaged Supply Kit?  Have you ever thought about the price for that kit?  What are your options for shipping? Home? School? What is the better deal for every parent in your community?  These are the questions we ask ourselves, as parents, PTO/PTA members, and even school staff members.

School supply lists can be long, they can have complicated requests, and what about those items that are constantly ‘Out of Stock’.  Having a pre-packed school kit, ready at your fingertips with Bright SchoolKitz can make shopping online easier for the teachers and most importantly the parents of your community.School Fundraiser school supply kits

Customizing your classroom school kits with Bright SchoolKitz not only gives you the ease of a simple ‘click’ - or a few clicks, it also takes the frustration out of shopping at your local stores and finding all the ‘so-called’ best deals.  But how do you get the biggest ‘bang’ for your ‘buck?’ 

Here are a few ways you can keep the cost down when creating your own Prepackaged School Supply kit:

  • “The List”: Creating a detailed list of supplies for your classroom and students is the most important part.  Having your supplies reflect your schedule for the year, but knowing certain items will need to be replenished as you go along. Also keeping in mind that you can request help from parents(see Wish Lists).  Keep in mind a long School Supply list can be intimidating to parents as well.

  • Brands: Already knowing some of the most popular brands are Crayola for crayons and markers, Elmers for glue and glue sticks. Those brands are great quality products, but Prang is another well known brand, with excellent quality of products.  Prang has supplies such as colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, and more. Cutting corners with brands in the right places can keep the cost down in your supply kits as well.

  • Quantities: Requesting high quantities of supplies because you may need them throughout the year, is good but can also be shocking for parents, when they start collecting your requested supplies.  Also, knowing a specific “count” of an item helps. You don’t want your supply kit to have too many of one item because the item “count” is different.

  • Shipping:  Consider shipping all kits to your school instead of individually to parents’ homes. Bulk shipping to your  school means free shipping for parents! It’s also one less thing parents have to worry about.  These kits will be waiting for your students at school and kids are carrying all those items on the first day of school.

  • Wish Lists: Asking parents for a little help when specific items are hard to find.  By creating a Wish List for parents, they might be more inclined to purchase those specific needed items, which helps the classroom as well as the students. Also, consider having your Wish List items ‘cleaning supplies’ parents will be more inclined to purchase as they already know children can be messy and keeping the classroom clean, gives them some ease.

Have your teacher, secretary, or PTO/PTA member reach out to us with your supply list and we will get back to you with an irresistible quote, especially now that you know how to keep the cost low.

Simply click “Request A Quote” and let us do all the work customizing your School Supply Kit today!