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Making school supply kits during Covid-19

How COVID-19 Has Affected Us While Making School Supply Kits

Creating our prepackaged customized school supply kits the past 11 months during COVID-19 has been quite a roller coaster!  Difficult decisions and stressful situations leave us tired.  COVID-19 can be scary, but there have also been some silver linings.  We all handle new situations in our own ways and although you may feel alone, you are not.  Here at Bright SchoolKitz® we understand the difficult decisions that you are making, and can empathize with how COVID-19 has changed your life in many ways. We relate! We are a women-run company, most of us moms, from all over the country, in all walks of life, working and adapting to the situations we face today. Luckily, we all work from home to provide you with the best school supply pack program possible!

Our work family at Bright SchoolKitz® has been affected in many different ways.  We wanted to share a little bit of what we have been going through in an effort to remind you that you are not facing this alone! 

School Fundraiser school supply kits

Tips For Planning a Successful School Fundraiser

You've just volunteered with your PTO/PTA to lead a school fundraiser - but you are overwhelmed! Hosting a successful school fundraiser doesn't happen by chance.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Careful planning, realistic goals and detailed execution are important to your successHere are some steps to becoming the best volunteer for your PTO!