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Marketing School Supply Kits

Marketing Your Customized School Supply Kits

So, you've made the awesome decision to offer customized school supply kits to your school.  Good job on getting this far!

But... Now what?

You may be thinking:

"How will I get the word out to the parents about the school supply packs"?

"I'm not good at marketing or social media".

"Will this school supply fundraiser be worthwhile for our Parent Teacher Group"?

We are here to help!

Nowadays, especially in the current environment, social media is one of the most effective ways to market your prepackaged school supply kit program. If your school or Parent Teacher Group does not have a Facebook or Instagram account as of yet, sign up today! You can post fun videos, photos of the kits, memes, etc! Your social media platform is unique to your school culture!

We suggest posting about the school supply kits once every 1-2 weeks. The frequent touches are helpful to parents, who oftentimes have many things going on and appreciate the reminders.

You can also:

  • Send an email- send an email out to the parents to remind those who do not have social media.
  • Some people still like it the old fashioned way! Bright SchoolKitz has customized paper forms. We suggest handing these out twice as we see an uptick in sales after the second distribution too!
  • Add a note about the kits on your website or on your supply list.
  • Yard signs and posters and stickers for the kids are also a great way to communicate the parents.

When you sign up for our customized school supply kits, we offer a lot of marketing material on our unique Organizer Portal! We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and provide you with photos, verbiage for emails, and ideas for social media posts! Your dedicated Account Liaison will send you your Organizer Portal invitation, but if you need help with anything or need a quick tutorial, please reach out to them directly! 

You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more tips and tricks (and even some giveaways)! 

Happy marketing!