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Handy Tips for Distribution of School Supply Kits

Even if this is your first year with the Bright SchoolKitz program, or you have been with us for awhile, but you haven’t been able to find the best way to distribute your kits, well you’ve come to the right article.  Below are some handy tips to assist you in distributing those school supply kits effectively and easily.

After a few weeks or more of chatting via email and phone with your sales representative about the kits.  Crossing your “t’s” and dotting your “i’s” you have created the perfect School Supply Kits for your school.  All the dates are in place and orders are rolling in.  The excitement is about to begin. Delivery day is upon you!  Time to get prepared for hopefully a large amount of boxes or even a pallet or two, you need to have a contact within the school building(s) to possibly be your “point of contact” when the shipment arrives.  Here are a few things you want to be ready for:

  • Date of Shipment - tracking numbers are provided so you will know what date your School Kitz will be coming.  The time varies but you should have a window.
  • Double Doors or Loading Dock - Most schools do not have loading docks, but the majority of them are equipped with Double Doors.  These are handy when the delivery is coming in on a pallet.  You will need a door large enough to accommodate the shipment.
  • Inspection - Always inspect the shipment for visible damages.  It is important to write this information down.
  • Signing for Shipment - Whoever was the point of contact at the time of delivery should sign that all pallets or boxes where delivered.
  • Unpacking - This is the fun but not so fun part.  You may want to gather a team or helpers to break down the pallets and begin sorting the boxes of kits.


The distribution of the kits to the students who ordered is something some schools and organizers have struggled with.  Here are a few ideas to make desk with school supplies studio shot on wooden background SBI 305166260
this part a little easier for you, the teacher, parents and the students.

  • Open House Event/Meet & Greets:

This is a perfect opportunity for parents and students to grab their pre-ordered customized school supplies as they are already in the school.  You can put as many tables as needed in a big spot like a gym or a cafeteria. If you don’t have a table, you can put all the kits on the floor, with the labels on the side up. Line up all the boxes in alphabetical order, if possible. Create or ask for a list  so you can tick the ones that have been already taken.  This would work best with at least 2-4 volunteers/helpers for distribution and marking the taken kits from a list. After the event finishes, take all the leftover kits to the classrooms or school office.

  • Place in Classrooms or Desks:

Some schools and teachers want the school supplies in the classrooms for the 1st Day of School.  This makes sure all students are prepared and ready on day one.  For this, you will needto have a few extra hands available to start to sort the kits by grade.  Then you will also need to have an available classroom list, so you can begin to sort the grades by teacher and by student in those classrooms.  It seems difficult but really it’s not.  Once that is finished then you will need to bring those kits to the classrooms throughout the school.  It is best if you have a rolling cart or table, and maybe even a 2 wheel cart can be handy.  Do not carry too much at one time as we would not want anyone to get hurt, some of these kits can be heavy.  If the teacher did not leave instructions to place the kits on desks you can just leave them in an open area in the classroom.

  • School or Teachers Handle It:

There are some circumstances when the school and/or teachers want to handle making sure the kits are given to the students.  In this event, you could assist the school with sorting by grade, teacher, or even putting the kits in alphabetical order, whatever works best for the staff.  This is the easiest way for you but can be a task for the school.

We are sure there are many other options out there to distribute the school supply kits out to the students and here at Bright SchoolKitz we would love to hear about some of the creative ideas you have come up with.  If you have done something a little different, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or reach out to your sales representative to pass your technique along.  Maybe your way of distributing will work for another organizer in the future.

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