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Bright SchoolKitz-More Than a School Supply Kit Company!

Bright SchoolKitz-More Than a School Supply Kit Company!

If you’re a customer with Bright SchoolKitz, then you already know that making school supply kits is not the only thing on our mind!  Embedded deep within our DNA is the need to give back and make a difference.  It is part of our core values and mission in every decision we make.


Have you ever “window-shopped” for school supply kits? Depending on the things that are important to you – whether it is a small business and women owned, sustainability and ecofriendly mindset – regardless of where we shop, we are ultimately voting with our dollar. When we support the things that are important to us, we make our communities, and ultimately our world, a better place.  

Giving back through our customized school supply kits has been our way of business since day one. We want you to be proud of your choice when you choose us.  Founder of Bright SchoolKitz, Bethany Hampton, was a successful marketing director in corporate America. However, immediately after having her youngest child, her passion became making life easier for moms. Bright SchoolKitz was created around the idea of giving back time and energy to hardworking mom’s by providing customized school supplies so they can enjoy time with their families! 

Here are some other ways Bright SchoolKitz works to give back:

  • We have ecofriendly, recyclable school supply kit boxes with no plastic! 
  • We provide jobs to the developmentally disabled adult community to pack out a portion of our kits.
  • We hire moms who want to stay at home with their kids, while also working in the professional world.
  • We offer deeply discounted kits to low income families.
  • We match 20% of all donations made for every school.
  • We are a women owned and operated.
  • We help schools who have been hit by devastating tragedies.

If supporting a school supply kit company with an emphasis on giving back is important to you, Bright SchoolKitz is your answer! Reach out to us today if you’d like to get involved in the ways we give back and support our communities. We’d love to welcome you into the Bright SchoolKitz family, and help you give back to your own community!