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Child's Color Preference in School Supply Packs is Highly Influenced!

Pink or Blue

Are your children picky about the color of supplies in their school supply packs?  It just so happens that color preference is taught and highly influenced by media!  Take a look at some of the research we did.

In the 1800s all kids were dressed the same. Pastel colors for baby clothing were introduced in the mid-19th century, and they didn’t become gender-specific colors until the 20th century. Why have young children’s clothing styles changed so dramatically? How did we end up with the pink and blue team? The story of these colors has gone back and forth, and it might as well keep changing.

Here’s proof. The baby in the picture below, believe it or not, is little Franklin Roosevelt. We may find the look unsettling today, yet socialconvention of 1884 dictated that boys wore dresses until age 6 or 7. This outfit was practical: white cotton could be easily bleached, and dresses allowed convenient access for diaper changing. Then pastel colors became a fad for babies: both boys and girls were dressed in a wide array of pastels.

FDRIn the early 1900s, the rulewas pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. Yes, you read it right. Pink was considered a more decided and stronger color, more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate, is prettier for the girl. Other sources said blue was flattering for blonds, pink for brunettes; or blue was for blue-eyed babies, pink for brown-eyed babies. However, this trend of pink for boys was not as overwhelming as our current color-gender designation.

At the beginning of the 20th century, some retail stores began suggesting “gender-appropriate” colors, for marketing reasons and so that parents would buy new clothes instead of passing the old clothes to a newborn sibling. Today’s color dictation wasn’t established until the 1940s, as a result of Americans’ preferences as interpreted by manufacturers and retailers. But it could have gone the other way. The baby boomers in the 1940s were the first to be dressed in the gender-specific clothing that Americans are familiar with today. Boys and girls were dressed like miniature men and women instead of uniformly in children’s dresses. Pink became the girls’ color, blue the boys’.

In the mid-1960s and 1970s people who took part in the women’s liberation movement thought that dressing young girls in feminine clothing would limit the girls’ opportunities for success, and many parents began favoring neutral colors and fashions. Now young girls were dressing in unfeminine styles. 

By the 1980s, however, gender-oriented kids clothing had come back into fashion strongly. Also, clothes-washing technology began to allow cleaning and bleaching of colorful clothes without damage. Disposable diapers were also manufactured in pink and blue. So the baby boomers were raised in gender-specific clothing. 

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for neutral colors for kids. The loss of neutral clothing is something that people should think more about. Only 100 years ago, the fashion world may have divided children into pink and blue, but in the world of real individuals, not all is black and white. There is no such thing as boy colors and girl colors. There are only colors. We all can choose to like any color we want. 

There was an interesting article I read, about a Kindergarten teacher who asked her students a few simple questions about what it means to be a boy or a girl.  The teacher tracked their responses, and was surprised that at 5 years old, her classroom already had the presumptive notion of gender roles - a few examples were girls wear pink, boys wear blue, girls play with tea sets, and boys play with cars and blocks.  The notion that we have specific gender related items we can play with, wear, or even bring to school, has been set forth for many years.  

The honest question to ask ourselves is, how can we become more 'neutral’ with colors without using the typical neutral colors?  Why can’t boys like a pink school supplies? Why can’t a girls desire blue items in their school supply packs?  Why can’t a boy student receive a pink or purple folder, binder, or book bag in his school supply pack without being worried about being bullied?  What about a girl wanting to have a blue folder, and book bag because it’s her favorite color?  These are serious questions that as educators and parents we have to ask ourselves.  We have to make sure we are accommodating to everyone’s feelings - socially and physically - but we need to give students and children the chance to think for themselves.  We need to give them the chance to express why they feel a certain way about a boy liking pink or a girl playing with cars.  The earlier we can expose kids to these feelings and thoughts, the easier it will be to address and life long issues.  

Gender-specific colors shouldn’t hold anyone back from enjoying the plentiful colors of the rainbow in the way they see fit, and we as parents and educators should embrace it with them.

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Ways to Reduce the Price of your School Supply Kit

When it's time for teachers to send out their school supply lists, have you ever considered creating your own Prepackaged Supply Kit?  Have you ever thought about the price for that kit?  What are your options for shipping? Home? School? What is the better deal for every parent in your community?  These are the questions we ask ourselves, as parents, PTO/PTA members, and even school staff members.

School supply lists can be long, they can have complicated requests, and what about those items that are constantly ‘Out of Stock’.  Having a pre-packed school kit, ready at your fingertips with Bright SchoolKitz can make shopping online easier for the teachers and most importantly the parents of your community.School Fundraiser school supply kits

Customizing your classroom school kits with Bright SchoolKitz not only gives you the ease of a simple ‘click’ - or a few clicks, it also takes the frustration out of shopping at your local stores and finding all the ‘so-called’ best deals.  But how do you get the biggest ‘bang’ for your ‘buck?’ 

Here are a few ways you can keep the cost down when creating your own Prepackaged School Supply kit:

  • “The List”: Creating a detailed list of supplies for your classroom and students is the most important part.  Having your supplies reflect your schedule for the year, but knowing certain items will need to be replenished as you go along. Also keeping in mind that you can request help from parents(see Wish Lists).  Keep in mind a long School Supply list can be intimidating to parents as well.

  • Brands: Already knowing some of the most popular brands are Crayola for crayons and markers, Elmers for glue and glue sticks. Those brands are great quality products, but Prang is another well known brand, with excellent quality of products.  Prang has supplies such as colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, and more. Cutting corners with brands in the right places can keep the cost down in your supply kits as well.

  • Quantities: Requesting high quantities of supplies because you may need them throughout the year, is good but can also be shocking for parents, when they start collecting your requested supplies.  Also, knowing a specific “count” of an item helps. You don’t want your supply kit to have too many of one item because the item “count” is different.

  • Shipping:  Consider shipping all kits to your school instead of individually to parents’ homes. Bulk shipping to your  school means free shipping for parents! It’s also one less thing parents have to worry about.  These kits will be waiting for your students at school and kids are carrying all those items on the first day of school.

  • Wish Lists: Asking parents for a little help when specific items are hard to find.  By creating a Wish List for parents, they might be more inclined to purchase those specific needed items, which helps the classroom as well as the students. Also, consider having your Wish List items ‘cleaning supplies’ parents will be more inclined to purchase as they already know children can be messy and keeping the classroom clean, gives them some ease.

Have your teacher, secretary, or PTO/PTA member reach out to us with your supply list and we will get back to you with an irresistible quote, especially now that you know how to keep the cost low.

Simply click “Request A Quote” and let us do all the work customizing your School Supply Kit today!

Sign Up Now For School Supplies Kits! Lock Prices & Secure Supplies.

It's never too early to sign up with Bright SchoolKitz for customized school supply kits, especially this year.  Rising prices and product shortages could make finding school supplies late in the summer a nightmare.  When you sign up with us early and get your finalized supply list to us, you not only lock in your pricing for spring and summer school supply kits, but you give us the ability to source supplies early - beating the summer rush!  You will be the hero of your school for saving parents so much trouble when it comes to school supplies.  School supply prices continue to skyrocket this year and inflation isn't in control. Rising costs have made buying school supply packs such a challenge. In addition, while we are unlikely to see apocalyptic shortages, there is still a lot of pressure on supply chains. 

Unbeatable gift ideas for teachers from Bright SchoolKitz!

Unbeatable gift ideas for teachers from Bright SchoolKitz!

Whether you are shopping for the end of the school year or it’s the holiday season, you want to make sure that your teachers get the recognition and appreciation that they deserve. There is no better way to do that than with the right gift. Finding a great teacher’s gift can take time and a lot of effort but can be well worth it. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the right track for gifts to your special teacher.
School Supply Kit Info At Kindergarten Registration

School Supply Kit Info At Kindergarten Registration

It’s hard to believe your kids have been back in school for several months already. You are probably not thinking about kindergarten registration for next year yet!!!  Don’t kick up your feet yet, you’ll need to do some preparing to have a successful event.  New parents will want all relevent information about the next school year, including information about back-to-school supplies and school supply kits.  Having flyers prepared for the parents on how to order school supply packs will be essential for communicating your school supply kit program since this may be the best opportunity to market to the parents. Therefore, you may need to remind the kindergarten teachers to start working on their lists soon so that you can work with Bright SchoolKitz® to have the school supply kits ready for your kindergarten registration.  

Tips from a School Kit Company to make the PTA/PTO transition!

Election time can be one of great change and intense nerves. Making the change from old to new PTA/PTO officers is a big deal for most schools. But do not worry! We have some tips to help run your transition smoothly.

PTO/PTA ElectionsAs your term on board as an officer comes to an end and a new officer is stepping in, how will you help make sure that the new officer is ready? Officer transition isn’t just about electing a new person to a role. It requires the old officer to help the new one understand the organization’s mission, and to give them the necessary tools for carrying that out.  Make sure you pass on the knowledge you have gained. This helps minimize the confusion that most new elected officers have when taking on the role, and can also reduce the time the new officers need to get caught up with policies procedures.

Food for thought when making the leadership transition 

  • Begin searching for potential leaders as early as possible. 
  • What do you wish you knew in your first weeks of becoming an officer?
  • Have a contact list readily available.
  • Have all documents ready to transfer over.
  • Have your “how to” list and directions on all key activities up to date.
  • Any personal notes you have to pass on are helpful.
  • Have a new member orientation or welcoming party.
  • Be a mentor.
  • Create a policy book.


What should be in a policy book?

  • Bylaws.
  • Detailed job descriptions for all board positions.
  • List of PTA/PTO officers (President, VP, etc.) and committee chairs with contact information.
  • Most recent meeting minutes.
  • Previous year’s budget.
  • Bank account information.
  • Files for welcome packets, back to school nights and orientations. 
  • Potential upcoming PTA/PTO event calendar.
  • Keep a list of all events, ex: assemblies, school supply kit fundraiser, spirit wear.
  • Key contacts for the school district.
  • If participating in a School Supply Kits program, ensure to pass on all the information, explain your experience, and how kits can be used as Fundraiser.

When should elections be held and what should you do if no one steps up?

Normally around the beginning of spring is when many PTA/PTO upcoming officer positions are listed. Being an officer can be exhausting and rewarding but no one wants to do it alone. What happens if no one is stepping up? This can be the most frustrating feeling and challenge you face.

  • Try and Connect with incoming kindergarten parents, someone might be interested in taking on a role. Many kindergarten parents don’t even know what the PTA/PTO does. The school supply fundraiser is a great fundraiser to introduce to kindergarten parents and get them involved.
  • You may need to recruit again in fall, right after school starts. Energy levels tend to be higher at the beginning of the school year versus at the end.
  • Sometimes schools will even let current teachers or staff hold officers’ potions.

How should you walk away?

As mentioned above, many PTA/PTO groups hold elections in the late spring. The election of new officers can bring much excitement, new ideas, and many changes. If you’re an outgoing officer, this can also bring some uncertainty for you. But before your term comes to an end, ask yourself, “What kind of ex-PTA/PTO officer do I want to be?” How will you continue to interact with the group after you leave? This can have a significant impact on the organization. 

There may be many different reasons you might be leaving your position, and the circumstances can influence your future with the PTA/PTO, for better or worse.  What is the ideal way to exit? With some planning, you can be a good resource and a positive influence for the organization. Always remember your success is the organization's success and we are all here for one reason, our children.

For more tips, you can read this article.

Marketing School Supply Kits

Marketing Your Customized School Supply Kits

So, you've made the awesome decision to offer customized school supply kits to your school.  Good job on getting this far!

But... Now what?

You may be thinking:

"How will I get the word out to the parents about the school supply packs"?

"I'm not good at marketing or social media".

"Will this school supply fundraiser be worthwhile for our Parent Teacher Group"?

We are here to help!

Nowadays, especially in the current environment, social media is one of the most effective ways to market your prepackaged school supply kit program. If your school or Parent Teacher Group does not have a Facebook or Instagram account as of yet, sign up today! You can post fun videos, photos of the kits, memes, etc! Your social media platform is unique to your school culture!

We suggest posting about the school supply kits once every 1-2 weeks. The frequent touches are helpful to parents, who oftentimes have many things going on and appreciate the reminders.

You can also:

  • Send an email- send an email out to the parents to remind those who do not have social media.
  • Some people still like it the old fashioned way! Bright SchoolKitz has customized paper forms. We suggest handing these out twice as we see an uptick in sales after the second distribution too!
  • Add a note about the kits on your website or on your supply list.
  • Yard signs and posters and stickers for the kids are also a great way to communicate the parents.

When you sign up for our customized school supply kits, we offer a lot of marketing material on our unique Organizer Portal! We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and provide you with photos, verbiage for emails, and ideas for social media posts! Your dedicated Account Liaison will send you your Organizer Portal invitation, but if you need help with anything or need a quick tutorial, please reach out to them directly! 

You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more tips and tricks (and even some giveaways)! 

Happy marketing!

The Best Brands for your School Supply Packs

Choosing Brand Names For your School Supply Packs

Name brand products can be expensive in your school supply packs, and sometimes do not offer a significant difference in performance. However, there are times where name brands are the best available products and are essential to the teachers. Getting the right mix of name brands for the teachers and off-brands to keep the price down for your customized school supply packs is essential.

How do you know when to request name brands and when to substitute?

First thing is to communicate with the teachers to know which items they absolutely want name brands. They have the real-life experience with these products, so they know which brands work best for their students. If they want Crayola markers and Elmer’s glue, make sure to specify that on their supply lists and we will put it in your customized school supply packs.

Next, for items that they are ok with substitutes, work with your supply kit company to get recommendations. What are the feedbacks from the other schools that have utilized those substitutes? Will they accept return if the product fails?

Here are our recommendations on items that should be name brand:

  • Crayola® crayons and watercolors
  • Crayola® or Prang® markers and colored pencils
  • Expo® dry erase markers
  • Elmer’s® or Prang® glue and glue sticks
  • Sharpie® permanent markers
  • Fiskars® or SchoolWorks by Fiskars® scissors
  • Koss® or Sony® headphones
  • Kleenex® tissue

In our experience at Bright SchoolKitz®, after years of feedbacks from schools and organizations, we still haven’t found crayons that work as well as Crayola’s. Expo dry-erase markers definitely work best, but there are a few off-brands that work nearly as well. There is definitely no substitute for Fiskars branded scissors. Headphones should also be a good quality brand, as generic usually stop working after a few months.

On the other hand, there are many products that have great substitutes while keeping the cost down for parents. These include binders, pencil case, folders, erasers, wipes, and even pencils.  These will make your cusotmized school supply packs more economical.

Review the quotes from your school supply kit company to ensure the brands you specified are included in your school supply kits. (Some companies can be decieving and will include Crayola crayons in kindergarten class but off brand crayons in 4th grade.) Communication from year to year between teachers, kit organizers, and your school supply kit company is key!

Bright SchoolKitz-More Than a School Supply Kit Company!

Bright SchoolKitz-More Than a School Supply Kit Company!

If you’re a customer with Bright SchoolKitz, then you already know that making school supply kits is not the only thing on our mind!  Embedded deep within our DNA is the need to give back and make a difference.  It is part of our core values and mission in every decision we make.