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Marketing School Supply Kits

Marketing Your Customized School Supply Kits

So, you've made the awesome decision to offer customized school supply kits to your school.  Good job on getting this far!

But... Now what?

You may be thinking:

"How will I get the word out to the parents about the school supply packs"?

"I'm not good at marketing or social media".

"Will this school supply fundraiser be worthwhile for our Parent Teacher Group"?

We are here to help!

Nowadays, especially in the current environment, social media is one of the most effective ways to market your prepackaged school supply kit program. If your school or Parent Teacher Group does not have a Facebook or Instagram account as of yet, sign up today! You can post fun videos, photos of the kits, memes, etc! Your social media platform is unique to your school culture!

We suggest posting about the school supply kits once every 1-2 weeks. The frequent touches are helpful to parents, who oftentimes have many things going on and appreciate the reminders.

You can also:

  • Send an email- send an email out to the parents to remind those who do not have social media.
  • Some people still like it the old fashioned way! Bright SchoolKitz has customized paper forms. We suggest handing these out twice as we see an uptick in sales after the second distribution too!
  • Add a note about the kits on your website or on your supply list.
  • Yard signs and posters and stickers for the kids are also a great way to communicate the parents.

When you sign up for our customized school supply kits, we offer a lot of marketing material on our unique Organizer Portal! We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and provide you with photos, verbiage for emails, and ideas for social media posts! Your dedicated Account Liaison will send you your Organizer Portal invitation, but if you need help with anything or need a quick tutorial, please reach out to them directly! 

You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more tips and tricks (and even some giveaways)! 

Happy marketing!

The Best Brands for your School Supply Packs

Choosing Brand Names For your School Supply Packs

Name brand products can be expensive in your school supply packs, and sometimes do not offer a significant difference in performance. However, there are times where name brands are the best available products and are essential to the teachers. Getting the right mix of name brands for the teachers and off-brands to keep the price down for your customized school supply packs is essential.

How do you know when to request name brands and when to substitute?

First thing is to communicate with the teachers to know which items they absolutely want name brands. They have the real-life experience with these products, so they know which brands work best for their students. If they want Crayola markers and Elmer’s glue, make sure to specify that on their supply lists and we will put it in your customized school supply packs.

Next, for items that they are ok with substitutes, work with your supply kit company to get recommendations. What are the feedbacks from the other schools that have utilized those substitutes? Will they accept return if the product fails?

Here are our recommendations on items that should be name brand:

  • Crayola® crayons and watercolors
  • Crayola® or Prang® markers and colored pencils
  • Expo® dry erase markers
  • Elmer’s® or Prang® glue and glue sticks
  • Sharpie® permanent markers
  • Fiskars® or SchoolWorks by Fiskars® scissors
  • Koss® or Sony® headphones
  • Kleenex® tissue

In our experience at Bright SchoolKitz®, after years of feedbacks from schools and organizations, we still haven’t found crayons that work as well as Crayola’s. Expo dry-erase markers definitely work best, but there are a few off-brands that work nearly as well. There is definitely no substitute for Fiskars branded scissors. Headphones should also be a good quality brand, as generic usually stop working after a few months.

On the other hand, there are many products that have great substitutes while keeping the cost down for parents. These include binders, pencil case, folders, erasers, wipes, and even pencils.  These will make your cusotmized school supply packs more economical.

Review the quotes from your school supply kit company to ensure the brands you specified are included in your school supply kits. (Some companies can be decieving and will include Crayola crayons in kindergarten class but off brand crayons in 4th grade.) Communication from year to year between teachers, kit organizers, and your school supply kit company is key!

Bright SchoolKitz-More Than a School Supply Kit Company!

Bright SchoolKitz-More Than a School Supply Kit Company!

If you’re customer with Bright SchoolKitz, then you already know that making school supply kits is not the only thing on our mind!  Embedded deep within our DNA is the need to give back and make a difference.  It is part of our core values and mission in every decision we make.

Customized school supply kit

How To Pick The Best School Supply Kit Company

You just volunteered to take on the challenge of hiring a customized school supply kit company to provide your schoolwith back-to-school supply packs. It then dawned on youwhere do I begin?

Whether you have done this in the past, or this is the first time you’ve looked into a prepackaged school supply bundle company, you are in the right place! I have some very useful ideas to help you get started!

Making school supply kits during Covid-19

How COVID-19 Has Affected Us While Making School Supply Kits

Creating our prepackaged customized school supply kits the past 11 months during COVID-19 has been quite a roller coaster!  Difficult decisions and stressful situations leave us tired.  COVID-19 can be scary, but there have also been some silver linings.  We all handle new situations in our own ways and although you may feel alone, you are not.  Here at Bright SchoolKitz® we understand the difficult decisions that you are making, and can empathize with how COVID-19 has changed your life in many ways. We relate! We are a women-run company, most of us moms, from all over the country, in all walks of life, working and adapting to the situations we face today. Luckily, we all work from home to provide you with the best school supply pack program possible!

Our work family at Bright SchoolKitz® has been affected in many different ways.  We wanted to share a little bit of what we have been going through in an effort to remind you that you are not facing this alone! 

School Fundraiser school supply kits

Tips For Planning a Successful School Fundraiser

You've just volunteered with your PTO/PTA to lead a school fundraiser - but you are overwhelmed! Hosting a successful school fundraiser doesn't happen by chance.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Careful planning, realistic goals and detailed execution are important to your successHere are some steps to becoming the best volunteer for your PTO!